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Experimenting with and honing
The more practice you've had with the condom, the less it will trouble you.
This is the reason honing truly bodes well – before the first run through definitely – additionally when you change condom mark so you realize that everything will likewise be OK with the new one.
For honing, buy condoms online that fit you and give them a shot. How would you tear open the bundle? How would they unroll? Do they fit well? Experimenting with and preparing gives you certainty and you will appreciate sex more.
Most adolescents and young fellows like to practice without anyone else the first run through. Be that as it may, it can likewise be energizing and stirring to figure out how to tear open the bundle and move down the condom together. A few couples search for the right condom together or likewise find distinctive condoms suitable for diverse things.
Safe storing
Store your condoms in a little box or plastic or metallic tin in light of the fact that you can bring it with you and will dependably have a store condom close by. Should something conceivably turn out badly or not work, you can just take another condom.
We don't prescribe to store condoms unprotected and free
•             in gasp pockets,
•             in book packs,
•             in the wallet.
Keys, coins and other hard questions can harm the bundling – and the condom too.
For security reasons, check whether the air pad is still there.
Keep away from warmth and super cold places
Temperatures underneath solidifying and warmth surpassing 30°C (86°F) in light of the fact that they harm condoms. Glove encloses autos, cruisers and bikes are bad places for condoms on the grounds that they warmth up.

Under typical temperatures, despite what might be expected, they last numerous years

Ideal time
The tip of the penis can have sperm and germs even before the first discharge. Hence, slip over the condom before your stripped penis draws close to your accomplice's mucous layers – and not until you infiltrate.
Pressing out
Tear the foil bundling transparent out the condom. While doing as such, be cautious with teeth, nails, adornments and piercings on the grounds that the condom must stay in place, clearly.
Putting it on
Place the condom ring on the erect tip of the penis. Keep in mind two critical things: Roll outwards and air outside.
The move must face the outside so you can move down the condom. There must not be any air in the tip of the condom so the sperm will have room. To do this, simply press the tip with your fingers.
Moving down
Presently, roll the condom ring down the erect penis until it is completely secured. You can draw back the foreskin before moving down or while doing as such. Experiment with what's best for you, yet recall: Do not draw and pull, do it tenderly!
On the off chance that it doesn't work immediately, don't let this baffle you. It's ideal to hold up several minutes and after that to begin again than to hazard it superfluously.
On the off chance that you begin once more, recall: Should something turn out badly, utilize essentially another condom – particularly on the off chance that you first put it on the wrong way, in light of the fact that sperm from the pre-discharge can go somewhere you don't want it to go.
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